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I have an outdoor aviary with Gouldian finches, Zebra finches, Diamond doves and Button quail.

I recently built this aviary, before that i had all my birds in an indoor smaller aviary but they were clearly not happy. I build a square aviary with a backboard for cover, i put mesh in the ground as well as around the aviary, putting mesh in the ground is good for keeping rats or whatever might wanna enter out. It quickly became a very expensive project and i still hadn´t built a closed off room for the winter. So i took an old wooden corner cabinet, insolated it and attached it to the backboard on the outside, drilled some holes, put in some sticks for the birds to sit on and i covered the whole thing in plastic. It might sound fairly stupid but it works .There are so many ways you can do this, i guess you just have to do it with what you have.

Finches can get eggbound, it means that the female finch can´t pass an egg. She´ll look sick, puffed up, heavy, can´t really fly and mostly sits on the ground. Here´s a great and easy treatment that works every time. You boil an egg, crush it with shell and all, put it in a "hospital Cage" with the finch and ofcourse regular food and water, leave her there until she looks normal again, so simple But always make sure that all your birds have a block of calcium to chew on.

Button quail are not happy breeders, there isn´t really any way you can "force" them to breed, they will mate and the female will lay eggs but she won´t hatch them. I got lucky, all i did was buy a wooden box with a hole in it "it was meant for a hamster" i put some coconut strips in there, she layd her eggs and hatched them, 4 tiny tiny chicks, not bigger than bumblebees so if you should be that lucky make sure that they can´t escape through the holes in the mesh because they will and they can jump "go popcorn" Buttons can really injure themselves when they go popcorn, my male had a concussion but he made it through, it´s a wise thing to have a hospital cage available because you never know when you might need it.

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